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Fair Trade Books

Select from titles including The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook, to 50 Reasons To Buy Fair Trade - from serious reading to lighthearted revelations about the Fairtrade Movement. Some of these selections are perfect for Fairtrade Fortnight.

Read what our customers have to say :-

"As a Fair Trade supporter, I found The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook to be a real god-send. It`s beautifully illustrated and packed with lots of practical menu ideas. The recipies are easy to follow (even for me) and I`ve got some real value out of it over the last few weeks. Definitely recommended."

50 Reasons To Buy Fair Trade

Buying Fair Trade is one of the most practical actions consumers can take against exploitation by the multinationals. …


Coffins, Cats & Fair Trade Sex Toys Paperback Book

By Jeremy Piercy, with an introduction by Antony Worrall-Thompson.   Jeremy is the founder of Shared Earth UK Limite…


Countdown To A Fairer World

Countdown To A Fairer World. •  A neat little book that breaks the world down into numerical chunks to feed inquisit…


Fair Trade For All - How Trade Can Promote Development

Fair Trade For All - How Trade Can Promote Development. Revised edition of this best selling book by Joseph E. Stiglit…


Fighting The Banana Wars And Other Fair Trade Battles

In this book the ex-Director of The Fairtrade Foundation explains how the Fairtrade Movement takes on the corporate gian…


The Bittersweet World of Chocolate

A beautifully illustrated book supporting Fair Trade with 50 easy to cook recipes from around the world to make with Fai…


The No-Nonsense Guide To Fair Trade

The No-Nonsense Guide To Fair Trade. •  Discusses the case for Fair Trade and it`s success stories, all now under th…


The No-Nonsense Guide To World Poverty

The No-Nonsense Guide To World Poverty. •  This guide questions conventional thinking about wealth and poverty. Is t…