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One Aromatics Fair Trade Incense Sticks - 5 Fragrances



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These One Aromatics Fair Trade incense sticks are hand-rolled according to traditional method - absolutely free from synthetics, animal substances or heavy carrier agents.
They are wonderful blends of natural essential oils from flowers and plants or natural wood resins.

The end result is a clean-burning, light, fresh and fragrant incense of exceptional quality that enhances the atmosphere and makes the air alive.

Simply place a stick in a holder, carefully light the coated end, gently blow out the flame and sit back and enjoy the aroma.

Inside each handmade paper envelope are 12 incense sticks, always contained in a sealed pouch and, where appropriate, also wrapped in butter paper.


Bundle of 5 Envelopes - one envelope of each of the fragrances below (subject to availability) :-

Cedarwood - clears the head and refreshes the body. Fine powder extracts from the tree, combined with dry flowers and natural oils.
Rose - alluring and extravagant - "the scent of angels".
Ambrosia - natural scents from the resin of forest halmaddi trees enhanced by fine woody oils from the red cedar.
Lavender - harmonising and relaxing. Distilled fresh lavender enhanced with other comforting oils.
Opium -  the aromatic benefits of the oriental poppy re-created with the help of geranium and lily oils - soothing and encouraging. 


Each envelope contains 12 sticks x 20 cm in length, giving you a total of 60 sticks. 

Burn time: each incense stick has a burn time of up to 45 minutes - which is twice that of many cheaper, mass-produced incense sticks.

These Fair Trade incense sticks have been handmade by an artisans` society in Edayanchavadi village, Auroville, southern India. Part of the earnings from the incense supports the village school.

100% vegetarian. 100% vegan.


Please note:  If there is a particuler fragrance you would like substituting, please let us know at the Checkout and we will do our best (subject to it being in stock).

Why not select a Fair Trade incense sticks holder to complete your purchase?  (See below)


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"HI I just had to log on to share with you - I have had these incense sticks before and loved them....then I ran out and rather than getting more I 'made do' with some shop bought ones - that was a big mistake ! I have now got a fresh supply of THE FAIR TRADE STORE`s incense sticks and it's only NOW I realise how good they really are. The scent lingers alot longer than cheaper alternatrives and they REALLY do burn longer. I won't make the mistake of buying an alternative again ! Try them, you'll see just what I mean" (Jul 18 2011, 09:33 am)
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