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Kenyan Soapstone Trinket Box, Rhino & Tree Design



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Vibrant  soapstone trinket box which will bring more than a touch of Africa to any home. 

•   With a rhino and tree design on the detachable lid, it also has an etched pattern runing around the 4 sides of the base.
•   Inside, the natural off-white soapstone can be seen, which contrasts sharply from the dramatic colours of the outer surfaces.
•   Ideal for storing small items of jewellery such as rings or earrings, trinkets or simply as an ornament or paperweight..
Handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Kisii, Kenya
Most people in Kisii live a subsistence lifestyle, so the income from soapstone handicrafts is vital to their existence.
Dimensions - a rectangular shape, measuring 10 cm in width  x  7.5 cm deep  x  3.5 cm high approximately. 
Please note: keep out of direct sunlight.  Use beeswax to polish.  Do not use water on these painted products.
Did you know?
•  Kisii is the region where most of the world's supply of soapstone originates. Naturally occuring soapstone is a relatively soft stone, a calcium carbonate. Over many generations the people of Kisii have learned to carve beautiful artefacts from the stone.
•  The soapstone is mined by hand in the local, open mines. No machinery is used to mine and as a result, it can be a dangerous job, particularly in the rainy season. The stone is removed using hand held picks and the rocks are cut into smaller sizes using a saw.
•  Then, using a hammer and a chisel, the soapstone is carved. A knife is sometimes used in addition or at different stages of the carving to get the rough outline required. 
The stone is then placed in water. 
Sandpaper is used to smooth the chiselled stone. This is a long process and different sandpaper is used until the stone is completely smooth and there are no chisel marks left. The women often do the sanding.
•  The stone is painted, often using a sponge to mix colours.
Once the paint has dried the designs are hand etched into the stone using a knife and a very steady hand as no outline is drawn, revealing the white soapstone underneath.
•  The piece is then finished-off with a beeswax polish.


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