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Fair Trade Incense

One Aromatics supply our Fair Trade Incense, which means they are handmade according to traditional methods and of absolutely top quality.

You will also find incense stick holders and gift box sets in our range, which make perfect gifts for the ethial shopper. 

Read what our customers have to say :-

"HI I just had to log on to share with you - I have had these incense sticks before and loved them....then I ran out and rather than getting more I 'made do' with some shop bought ones - that was a big mistake ! I have now got a fresh supply of THE FAIR TRADE STORE`s incense sticks and it's only NOW I realise how good they really are. The scent lingers alot longer than cheaper alternatrives and they REALLY do burn longer. I won't make the mistake of buying an alternative again !
Try them, you'll see just what I mean" 
     Ange, Southport.

Soapstone Mottled Incense Stick Holder, Single

Cut and shaped from real natural soapstone, this tiny Fair Trade incense sticks holder holds a single incense stick a…


Soapstone Mottled Incense Sticks Holder

Cut and shaped from real natural soapstone, this Fair Trade incense sticks holder has a wide design to safely catch…


Soapstone Tealight and Incense Holder, Yin Yang in Pink

Strikingly pink, these two Fair Trade soapstone tealight and incense stick holders fit together as only a Yin …


Wood and Brass Elephants Incense Sticks Storage Box

Attractive wooden Fair Trade incense sticks storage box. •  The design features a delicate brass elephant inlay. …


Wooden Incense Stick Ash Catcher, Moon Design

Fair Trade mango wood incense stick ash catcher stained white with flowers and a carved moon design. •   It has one …


Wooden Incense Stick Holder with Painted Flowers, Gold

Decorative, glittery Fair Trade mango wood incense stick holder in gold. •  Skillfully hand painted with Indian fl…