The Story Behind Fair Trade Producer Group Aspiration International


Established in 1993 and based in New Delhi, India, Aspiration International`s purpose is to uplift and highlight artisans in the interiors of North India. Their motto is... "An enchanting display of creativity and excellence: Offering a spectrum of attractive handicrafts at Fair Trade prices." One of Aspiration’s aims is to revive the old crafts of [...]

The Story Behind Fair Trade Producer Group Aspiration International2019-08-30T07:55:41+01:00

Fair Trade or Fairtrade?


The Fairtrade Mark is awarded to products which meet internationally agreed standards. However, there are many products for which a standard has yet to be agreed. For example, jewellery, bags, fashion accessories, etc Reputable organizations such as The British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) have for many years sourced these products to standards at [...]

Fair Trade or Fairtrade?2016-10-27T16:24:54+01:00
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