Are these the ultimate ethical gifts for the eco geek or keyboard warrior?

We stock a range of environmentally-friendly products created from green recycled computer circuit boards.

•  Cut into shape by a cutting machine, they are always hand-finished to create the final product.

•  So, why not make an environmental difference in the way you buy your gifts and take into account the escalating need for the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle?

•  Products include coasters, boxes, clocks, picture frames, pen pots, notebooks & jewellery pieces such as earrings & pendants.

•  Handmade by skilled Fair Trade artisans in New Delhi,  India from Tara Projects.

TARA stands for Trade Alternative Reform Action.

Their mission is to…. “practice fairness in its production and trading activities for the development of the grassroots and the other marginalised sections of society, using capacity building towards continuously improving its performance while ensuring social equity and environmental sustainability”.
The Organization is committed to follow the Fair Trade Standards developed by World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).


Known as printed circuit board (or PCBs) most are produced in large volumes by electronics manufacturers and ultimately become either obsolete or fail control checks,
after which they are incinerated or dumped into landfill sites.
It is these circuit boards that are rescued and used to make these unique gift items.

The boards are single sided with a beige coloured back. They are lightweight.
Take a closer look at this set of green recycled computer circuit board drinks coasters & holder.

Drink coasters handmade green recycled computer circuit boards

Drink coasters handmade green recycled computer circuit boards

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