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Recycled Plastic Bags Earrings, Pink Rectangles

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Recycled Plastic Bags Earrings, Pink Rectangles

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Features & Benefits

Add a unique look to your outfit with these environmentally-friendly Fair Trade earrings which have been recycled from locally-collected plastic bags.

•   Cut into long pink and cream rectangle drops. Recycled jewellery with an ethical twist!

•   They have delicate, silver metal hooks and are lightweight to wear.

•   The hooks are made from nickel-free base metal and therefore hypoallergenic.

These recycled plastic earrings have been handmade with great skill by ingenius Fair Trade artisans in MumbaiIndia.

Dimensions - the plastic pieces are 4.5 cm long  x  1 cm wide  x  2 mm thick approximately.

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Meet the Artisans

About Asha Handicrafts Association, Mumbai, India

Established in 1975 as a Fair Trade christian organisation to provide a marketing outlet to individual craftsman. In Sanskrit, Asha means “hope”.

India, which is one of the largest handcraft-producing countries in the world, offers an almost unlimited range of crafts and products. However, these beautiful items can be produced in conditions of abject poverty, with craft workers in bondage to moneylenders.

Asha is based in Mumbai and gives marketing support and technical assistance to groups of small producers and craftsmen and women. By purchasing directly from the workers and giving generous advances, they increase income levels and help groups become self-sufficient. 

A team of christian welfare workers are employed to help producers with business concerns and issues.
Asha welfare workers are stationed at different producer groups and co-operatives, sharing skills and extending medical help and education to the workers and their families. Technical training is also provided to increase efficiency and to encourage the growth and development of cottage industries.

Asha encourage their artisans to plant trees in place of those which are used to make their handcarved wooden products.

Asha Handicrafts are a member of The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and produce our cute mixed wood heart-shaped trinket box.  You can read more about them in our Fair Trade Producers section.     

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