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Charm Style Recycled Paper Beads Bracelet, Multi-coloured

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Charm Style Recycled Paper Beads Bracelet, Multi-coloured

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Features & Benefits

Painstakingly crafted using recycled magazine paper beads, this charm style Fair Trade bracelet makes a unique fashion statement.

•   Individually hand-rolled out of shredded paper and tightly formed into beads with the aid of glue and then lightly varnished for durabilty.

•   Features over 30 individual beads!

•   Oval and round beads in a multitude of colours have been linked onto a silver-coloured recycled copper chain.

•   Each bead is constructed from a sheet of A4 magazine paper.

This recycled magazine paper charm bracelet has been handmade by artisans Kenya.
Sourced from a Fair Trade importer certified by The British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers (BAFTS).

- the round beads have a diameter of 1 cm and the oval ones are 2 cm in length approximately. When opened out, the adjustable chain is 20 cm in length.

Meet the Artisans

About Zakale Creations, Kenya.

Zakale Creations is located in Huruma, part of the Mathare Valley on the outskirts of Nairobi, where about 80% of the population of 8,000 are unemployed.
There are now up to 20 full time employees working at this project - expanding to 35 when large orders are being worked on.

They buy beads from Excel Concepts, another local project and then make them into animal charm bracelets and necklaces using linen threads, brass and copper wire, or bottle top items.

The men work the recycled copper "wire" then pass it to the ladies who add the bone or glass beads decoration.
The items are then passed back to the men for finishing.

The team makes these unique recycled Guinness bottle top earrings.

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