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Bone Bracelet with Batik Print Ethnic Pattern

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Bone Bracelet with Batik Print Ethnic Pattern

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Features & Benefits

 "On-trend" chunky Fair Trade bone bracelet with a dark brown and cream coloured ethnic-style Batik print.

•   Between each of the main sections are 4 small brown wooden beads to enhance the design.

•  T he beads are made from waste cow bone. A sanding machine is used to shape the bone.  It is then dyed brown and the patterns are created by hand with hot wax - a technique known as Batik.

•  The bracelet is slightly elasticated, so should fit most wrist sizes.

This Fair Trade bone bracelet has been handmade with great skill by artisans in India.

Dimensions - the width is 2.5 cm approximately.

Did you know?
Batik is a traditional method where a design is applied using hot wax, then the object is dyed and the dried wax is removed to reveal a distinctive and unique silhouette of the wax seal.

Meet the Artisans

About Tara Projects (Trade Alternative Reform Action)

Founded in Delhi, India in 1973 to help poorly organised artisans. Tara helps to generate steady work and income by creating markets for these struggling craftsmen and women..

Here`s their mission statement, which seems well thought through and quite moving....

"Poverty is not only about shortage of money. It is about rights and relationships. About how people are treated and how they regard themselves. About powerlessness, exclusion and loss of dignity. Yet the lack of an adequate income is at its heart...."

They have now been able to expand their work to a 120-mile area around Delhi, taking-in adjoining states such as Uttar, Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan.

They seek to employ as many women from New Delhi`s slums as possible to help them become independent and have set up micro-level savings programmes to assist this.
Tara Projects fund informal and vocational schools as well as literacy centres for adults.

Tara have spear-headed campaigns against bonded labour, child labour, illiteracy, unfair trade practices and for ecological, environmental and female educational issues.
They are members of WFTO and Fair Trade Forum India.

Our recycled brass, fabric and wood bracelet has been handmade by Tara.  You can read more about Tara artisans in our Fair Trade Producers section.

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