“It`s like stepping back in time.”
The historic Atlanta Hotel in downtown Bangkok, Thailand is untouched by the modern developments all around it.

Walking into The Atlanta is like walking into another world, a long lost world.
Most of what a guest sees and hears is old and classic – and authenticly Thai.

Founded in 1952, The Atlanta Hotel features the most photographed and oldest unaltered hotel lobby in Thailand.
It also has the first hotel swimming (diving) pool in Thailand and a
unique, enclosed “jungle-like” garden.

The hotel restaurant & bar claims to serve the largest selection of Thai vegetarian dishes in the world.
The western menu features dishes made in the 1950s style – dishes that were on the original menu of The Atlanta Hotel and prepared in the same way.
Enjoy discretely piped classic music – Ella Fitzgerald jazz and the big bands whilst eating your breakfast,lunch or evening meal
Mrs. Anong has run the restaurant for many years. It is fully licensed and extremly good value, but isn`t generally open to non-residents.

The Hotel imposes strict policies: sex-tourists, drug users, trouble-makers and “undomesticated people” are NOT welcome.
Any of these found on the premises are “dealt with summarily”.

Because of these strict policies, The Atlanta Hotel has many detractors, but “upholds its principles and policies without compromise”.
That said, the hotel and its staff are friendly, welcoming and committed to good service.

Interestingly, The Atlanta Hotel is also home to destitute cats and terrapins.

Injured and abandoned cats seem to find their way to The Atlanta.
Many are rescued from elsewhere and there are usually around 30 cats on site.
Some live in an enclosure on one side of the garden; others live in the staff section of the hotel.

Approximately 30 terrapins are all rescued and saved from loss of habitat.
They live well in and around the pond of the jungle-like garden of The Atlanta.
Two staff are employed full-time to look after the animals and visiting vets often volunteer their services, which The Atlanta welcomes.

There is a celebrated drawing by a regular guest of The Atlanta of the lobby featuring cats lying on the round sofa.
The caption reads (in Italian), “Cats, the real guests of The Atlanta.”
Guests of The Atlanta are typically animal lovers.

The Atlanta, being at the bottom of Sukhumvit, Soi 2 has no passing trade.
Hence guests are either “regulars or friends of regulars”.
The Atlanta has many returning guests who have been coming to The Atlanta since the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s.

To experience a piece of classic Thai culture & hospitality at extremely affordable prices, The Atlanta Hotel is highly recommended.

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